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May 25, 2024, 12:21:29 PM
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Author Topic: Some unanswerable questions  (Read 4486 times)
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« on: June 21, 2006, 02:30:33 AM »

* Why is it called building when it is already built?

* If pro is the opposite of con, is progress the opposite of congress?

* Is it possible to be totally partial?

* If a book about failures doesn't sell, is it a success?

* If all the world is a stage where is the audience sitting?

* If people from Poland are called Poles, why aren't people from Holland called Holes?

* Do infants enjoy infancy as much as adults enjoy adultery?

* When cheese gets its picture taken what does it say?

* If horrific means to make horrible, does terrific mean to make terrible?

* Why isn't 11 pronounced onety one?

* If lawyers are debarred and clergymen defrocked,
musicians doesn't it follow that electricians can be delighted,
denoted, cowboys deranged, models deposed, dry cleaners

* Why is it if someone tells y! ou there are 1 billion
stars in the universe, you will believe them but if
they tell you a wall has wet paint you will have to touch it to be

* Do Lipton Tea employees take coffee breaks?

* I thought how people seem to read the Bible a whole
lot more as they get older, then it dawned on me
...they are ramming for their final exams.

* If olive oil comes from olives, where does baby oil come from?


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« Reply #1 on: February 04, 2008, 05:41:08 AM »

nice thread
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