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April 22, 2024, 12:21:20 PM
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Author Topic: IIT-ians give up their MNC dream, out to fix politics  (Read 2519 times)
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« on: February 10, 2006, 01:23:53 AM »

Pass this on to every Indian you know and let  our country be ruled by these young people…They need our support…They are our future.....

 For a group of five IIT-ians, their ultimate dream is no longer to work for a multinational. Their future has been decided and their goals have been fixed - to make a change in society and make room for themselves in the political arena.

Disillusioned by the existing system, these youngsters have decided to float a political party, Paritrana.

Paritrana National President Tanmay Rajpurohit says: "I heard a statement from Veerappan that he wants to surrender and run for the office. Phoolan Devi was the role model of lots of bandits. Even Nirbhay Gujjar, he wanted to run for the office. So, this is what's happening because dand (punishment) is not being properly regulated and I think all the corruption, double-standards and most of the problems are coming from the same thing."

Tanmay holds a BTech degree in Aerospace Engineering from IIT-Mumbai, an MS from Georgia in Atlanta and an MA in Economics from New York. But his future does not lie in a comfortable workspace in some multinational firm, Tanmay has other plans and is confident that he can make a difference.

Another political activist, Chandrashekhar, avers that Paritrana's objective is to take this nation to its rightful place.

"We have the potential and we have the abilities. It's just the structural flaw that's somehow continuing over the time, rather than getting eroded. We want to get the rightful place for the people and the land," he says.

Chandrashekhar, also a BTech degree-holder from IIT-Kanpur, started out as a social worker, but gave it up for Paritrana. Looking for a meaning in his work, Chandrashekhar was involved in farming for three years and is currently writing two books.

"Emotions are nothing if they are not materialised. People have so much sympathy for the poor or whatever, but that sympathy remains at its place and people just keep going with their course of life. I'd say that they don't have the sympathy," says Chandrashekhar, who is the National Treasurer for Paritrana.

Floating a political party may not be rocket science, but what about keeping it afloat?

"The current politicians and bureaucracy have reduced people's hopes to such an extent that people think nothing can be done. But the fact is that the day people heard the news of Paritrana, they are seeing hope. You can see this from the way people are writing in. One of them said, 'I didn't vote for the last 10 years, but this time I'm going to have my voter ID card and I'm going to vote for Paritrana'," says Tanmay.

With its applications being processed at the Election Commission, Paritrana is now spreading its wings.


 Source - CNN IBN

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