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Title: Dilruba vege kabab
Post by: Rhea Thomas on July 05, 2009, 04:53:35 AM
Preparation Time : 10 minute
Cooking Time : 5to10 minute
Serves / Makes : 4to6 people


1:black chana{
soaked and boiled}
2:one onion{chopped}
3:ginger{one small piece}
green onion{half cupchopped)
bread crumbs one cup
i tbsp red chilli powder,jeera powder,garammasala powder
5:fresh dhaniya mint leaves 10 to15 chopped
thin kabab stick or any sticj10to15
little oil for shallow frying


first of all in a blender put blackchana,and and all the ingedents except {oil and sticks] and make a smoothe dough, then divide it into 10 to 15 small balls . arrange each ball into sticks and make heart shape texture, now in a nonstick pan put little oil and shallow fry all the heart shape kababs. golden brown each kabab serve with green chatney ot tomato sauce.

this is totally low cal recipe prepare with little oil and very very nutritious values. we can barbacue this recipe also, enjoy this tempting recipe and this loks good also.