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Title: Lara Dutta Dating Guide - Go Get Her
Post by: Rhea Thomas on May 22, 2009, 06:28:25 AM
If you have looked beyond her striking sex appeal, you might have noticed that Lara has made quite a mark as a comic actress with films such as No Entry, Masti, Bagham Bagh and Partner doing pretty well at the box office. She is quite proud to be known as a good comedian. She don’t think Bollywood makes many deep films anyway, so she’d rather entertain than give people a headache with an action film.


Title: Re: Lara Dutta Dating Guide - Go Get Her
Post by: Rhea Thomas on May 22, 2009, 06:29:10 AM
1. Lara is the youngest of three sisters, so her father raised her as the son he never had. She even played a man in her first play. So treat her like a tomboy; maybe take her rock climbing, horse riding or to your tree house.

2. Once a Services kid, always a Services kid. Growing up in an Air Force family, Lara has learned to mind her Ps and Qs. Be polite, and for god’s sake, don’t make munching noises when you’re chewing your food.

3. Show some dedication, join the Air Force.

4. Don’t go trying to get her tipsy. This leggy beauty doesn’t drink. An orange juice and tonic water will suffice.

5. Lara loves going to the movies. Don’t be cheesy and take her to one of her own. She also likes to put her dancing shoes on now and then.

6. Lara’s favourite word is ‘action’, and she says that she gets turned on by the sound of a camera rolling. Time for your sex video tape fantasy?

7. Don’t even think about it. “I’m half Punjabi, and I’ve broken guys’ noses when they’ve tried to get too cute,” Lara warns.

8. Lara gets turned off by the sound of a drill. Try not to take her anyhere near a construction site on your first date.


Title: Re: Lara Dutta Dating Guide - Go Get Her
Post by: Rhea Thomas on May 22, 2009, 06:29:44 AM
9. Don’t bother making small talk. She likes to get right down to talking politics, philosophy or religion on the first date. She wants to see how intelligent you are. Hey, she might even ask you what the capital of Finland is.

10. Don’t be a pauper. When I asked Lara if she had been on a local train, she replied, “In London”. So shell out a little on the limo. If you are intent on slumming it out, take her to eat gola at Chowpatty.

11. Lara says looks don’t matter to her. Yippee! But she adds, “Though he shouldn’t be butt ugly”. Oops, we’re considering cosmetic surgery.

12. She’s a vegetarian, so Steak House is probably a bad idea for a romantic dinner.

13. She loves her collar bones. Look up boys!

14. Like any star, Lara likes her space. She likes taking off with her two dogs to Goa, and probably won’t tell you where she will be staying. Stalking will not be received well.

15. Be ready for a surprise elopement. Lara says that though she would love to get married in Paris or Goa, she’s pretty sure it will happen on a crazy night in Vegas.