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Title: Google Base and Google Payment
Post by: Vatsal on December 31, 2005, 11:03:37 PM
Lets start with the basics,
Google has been successful in turning up the competiton in free Email service, and made us all
Also, Google revolutionised the Search Engine business and again we all stood to gain from Google.Nowadays, Searching the net is often referred to as Googling!
There has been lots of news about Google recruiting lots of people and making many aquisitions.
Now, here's the new google plan.

Google Payment - Google's version of services like Paypal
Google Base -Google's version of services like Ebay.

Google base combined with Google Payment is expected to be released soon.

Go here to read preview about Google Base:

Google Base ( is not currently online.

Go here to read about Google Payments:

Make sure you read the articles on the above links to get a clearer picture of the topic.

Thanks, Google.