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Title: The Magician and the Parrot
Post by: Ryan Martis on August 10, 2009, 04:46:58 AM
There was magician on a cruise ship, and he was really good.

He was performing the highlight of his show when a parrot walked
on stage and squawked, ''It's in his sleeve!''

The magician chased the bird away.

The next day the magician was performing his highlight again (in
front of a smaller audience) when the parrot walked onstage and
declared, ''It's in his pocket!''

The next day, as he was performing the highlight, he saw the
parrot in the crowd. But before the parrot could ruin the magic
trick, the boat crashed into a rock and sank.

The magician was lucky enough to find a board to hang on to. On
the other end of the board was the parrot.

They stared at each other for three full days, neither of them
saying anything, when suddenly the parrot said, ''I give up,
what'd you do with the ship?''