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Title: Yahoo Mail Permits Dot addresses
Post by: Vatsal on February 02, 2006, 11:24:53 PM

This seems to be a good news!!

Yahoo mail beta and the original Yahoo mail is now
available with professional looking 'dot' addresses.
Each existing Yahoo address can have another address
as an alternate e-mail ID, which shall share the same
Inbox as the primary ID. This is best, since we can
now have a professional '
[email protected]' address without having
to worry about maintaining another mail account
all-together. Mails sent to or from either mail ID
shall come to the same inbox and you can use either ID
as the sender ID.
Get your new alternate email ID at : Yahoo dot
addresses < >

Log in anywhere on the Yahoo! network (Mail, Photos, Messenger with BT Communicator -- the list goes on and on...
1  Click   on  options  in  upper  Right  hand  corner.
2  Click    on  mail   addresses   .
3  Click  on  Add  
Just  Click   on  this   link
You   can   create  an   account  with   dot   with  same  password. This  ID
  will   have  mails    going   into  the  inbox  of  existing  account .You  can
  login   or  send  or  receive   mails  on  either ID .
                  You  can   also  create   another  dot  ID   by  creating  totally
 new  account  from  signing  from  home  page.