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January 19, 2022, 07:24:39 PM
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Author Topic: The Professional Humor  (Read 929 times)
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« on: February 05, 2014, 06:06:16 AM »

The Professional !!!

A woman received a call that her daughter was sick.
She stopped by the pharmacy to get medication,
got back to her car and found
that she had locked her keys inside

The woman found an old rusty coat hanger left on the ground.
She looked at it and said "I don't know how
to use this." She asked God to send her HELP.

Within 5 minutes a motorcycle pulled up. The man
got off of his cycle and asked if he could help.
She said: "Yes, my daughter is sick. Iíve locked
my keys in my car. I must get home. Please,
can you use this hanger to unlock my car?"

He said "Sure." He walked over to the car, and in
less than a minute the car was open. She hugged
the man and through tears said "Thank You
SO Much! You are a very nice man."

The man replied
"Lady, I am NOT a nice man.
I just got out of PRISON yesterday,
I was in prison for car theft.

The woman hugged the man again sobbing,

"Oh, thank you God! You even

May God Bless You, Your Family and
Your Friends the Way He Has Blessed Us.

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