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March 28, 2020, 05:30:16 PM
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Author Topic: VISA FILE ?  (Read 3082 times)
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« on: January 21, 2006, 03:15:13 AM »

hello ,frnds,

wot u guys think about migrating to other countries?
dont u guys think that it is the most awful thing ur doing to ur own motherland.
Beleive me guys, whoever is even thinking of going out side our country,
pls beware , things are not the same as we always dream of.
I have been to u.s.a, canada, u.k, and rite now i m in australia- on student visa.
There's no place like our land.
I wud like to share my experiences to all who wants to leave india.
every where  in every country things are the same.
we indians have to work really really hard and that too
not to save money ,work  hard only to survive.
see guys boys over here do car wash  which is really a very hard job.
or just work as a kitchen hand where they dont get enough money
for their hard work, or a waiter in a bar or a process -worker  who has
to lift heavy weight-and u dont even get regular shifts  in all these hard working jobs.
food is not at all  like we eat in india believe me frnds,
we always have to live like a mouse who always hides in his house coz we cant go out after 5 pm coz their's
a  scary feeling running inside every indian tht wot if lebanians cums and asks money to us and injure us.
Just go job cum home and again go to work and cum home,
there are indians in every country but they r not like indians in our country they b cum very mean and always
very competitive,
its a very very lonely life over here trust me .its like a fish in a beautiful aquarium.
This big colour diffrence will always remain in the background no matter how more or wealthier u become.
And if anyone is thinking of cumin on student visa pls think twice , if u really want to study than its fine,
but please do not and never cum in that impression that it is very easy to recover our next semester fees.
i do have freinds here who are studying since one year  and still ask their parents for their fees and living cost -in united states , united kingdom or australia.
Anywhere u go,things are the same,oh sorry guys forgot to mention that canada is the worst country to live and survive.i have been their too.
And frnds there r such universities abroad and agents in indiawho misguides u to go in the universities who puposely give bad results to earn double fees.
u know fnds i do know that there r sum people who thinks that there is no suource in india to earn- but whomso ever thinks like this cant even work
hard in abroad-coz they only no to critisize and dont work hard.
u will never know what r u going to leave behind-if u leave ur country but u will surely know wen u leave it

See frnds i m not breaking anyone's moral but i have experienced it over here
and i truly feel that india is the best country.
And if we really work hard we r definitely going to acheive our goal in our own country.
Friends  , India has every thing - every luxury only thing is we have to work hard  because there is no such thing like quick money
not even in foreign.

And guys one more thing to tell u  i m cuming back to india
my true love my country , my mother land.

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« Reply #1 on: December 09, 2009, 08:08:51 AM »

this message is really a eye opener for those who dreams foreign job.
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