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March 31, 2020, 09:39:01 AM
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Author Topic: Valentine horoscope for 2006--Have a Look  (Read 2486 times)
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« on: February 09, 2006, 10:29:35 PM »

Valentine's Day may be the most romantic day of the year. But are you ready to make 2006 your most romantic year yet? With the help of astrology, you can drastically increase your chances of finding the love of your life in the next 12 months.

The following astrologically inspired dating are intended to help guide you through 2006 in the realm of dating and romance. The best of love and luck to you and yours!

Enjoy ------ Rohit

(March 20 - April 18)
Expect an old flame to be back in your life as soon as February, with roses in one hand, candy in the other, and their tail between their legs. Your Top Dating Tip for 2006, then, is this: Keep reminding yourself that if it didn't work once, twice is doubtful. If your returning admirer keeps at it all year, your resistance may finally weaken between October and November. That's when Mercury, the ruler of communication, will spend 10 weeks in passionate Scorpio and your house of intimate contacts. Since Mercury usually spends just two weeks in a sign, this unusually long trek means he's out to get your attention, big time. Careful!

(April 19 - May 19)
You love nothing more than privacy - and spending a few hours all alone in the company of someone you adore. You'll have more than one chance for that type of scenario during 2006, especially at the start of the year and through March 3, when bold, fiery Mars will wander though your house of personality and appearance. You'll be attracting as much attention as a firecracker, so there's only one pace to go: medium. Keep that fire burning, of course - it'll be great fun - but keep it on simmer. Bet you'll find some company who'll be more than happy to keep that flame going throughout the year.

(May 20 - June 20)
After years of dealing with the most intense planet of all in your house of one-to-one relationships - Pluto himself, the astrological "separated-at-birth" twin of Darth Vader, you're understandably pretty darned drained. Well, it won't happen just yet, but this year, you'll be able to lessen Pluto's effects - just a tad, but enough to make it more bearable. To make this happen, follow your Top Dating Tip: Dig, and dig deep. Dig into the past, into your feelings, and into whatever you've been avoiding. Then, resolve not to bury any of those unproductive behaviors again. Okay, so it won't be easy. It's still the best way to get your brand new romance show on the road.

(June 21 - July 21)
When it comes to romance, 2006 will provide you with two absolutely wonderful planetary allies: the Moon, your own planet and the ruler of emotions, and loving Venus, who just adores the Moon. Needless to say, you're all set. When it comes to prime time for you to tap into the best of these energies at the same time, look to February 3 through March 5. Your Top Dating Tip is an important one, so pay attention: When you meet someone new, ignore any age differences - ignore any differences, in fact. Concentrate on the commonalities, not the differences. That's what will keep you together.

(July 22 - August 21)
This year, let go of the memories of all the crazies the universe sent your way over 2005, regardless of how the introductions occurred. During 2006, if you're a single Lion, you'll have a lot more than relationships to think about - but a good, long-lasting one can't help but be the end result. In a nutshell, honesty will be an issue, especially during June and July. Your mission at that time - and your Top Dating Tip - is to tone down your libido just a little. Yes, we know that's never been easy - but it just might land you in the midst of what you're really after: True Love. Good luck!

(August 22 - September 22)
You'll have the mixed blessings of two Eclipses in your sign during 2006. Eclipses are never famous for messing around or doing anything halfway. Be ready to activate your urge to create a new personality or appearance on March 14 and September 22. But on September 7, a Lunar Eclipse will occur in your house of relationships, illuminating all the great things you can bring to partnerships and what you'll expect from them, too. The year will keep you busy on the love front, but these Eclipses? Lions, tigers and bears. Oh, my! Your Top Dating Tip: Be bold, be brave - and then, go get 'em.

(September 23 - October 22)
The last time you felt this way, you got married, moved in, or at least spent lots of time talking about it. It's no surprise, then, that since late December 2005 through March 5, 2006, Venus, whose jurisdiction is love, will bring those feelings right back to the forefront of your mind. She'll be in sturdy, practical, and realistic Capricorn, making her way slowly, elegantly, and thoughtfully through your house of emotions. In other words, even if you're beset by "That Feeling" - the one that might prompt you to hop on the next flight to Vegas to find an Elvis look-a-like lover - press the pause button. In other words, your Top Dating Tip is: Stop, look, listen - and wait.

(October 23 - November 20)
You probably thought you were busy last year, but that was nothing compared to what's coming up during 2006 - especially during autumn. Remember how you and your friends giggled about getting you a social secretary last year? Well, by late summer of 2006, you'll probably need an entire personal staff just to keep your social life in order. Yes, really. To add to your incredible sexuality, November will bring you five planets and a New Moon, all in your sign in your house of personality and appearance. Your Top Dating Tip: Enjoy it, baby. It's your year!

(November 21 - December 22)
For several years, Pluto in your sign has attracted all kinds of new and interesting individuals to your love life and, in the process, has helped you to adapt to any and all new situations. In particular, you've learned to adapt to the strange new people who've come along. There are specific periods you'll want to be on your toes for in 2006. From May 3 through May 29, the lovely lady Venus - the heavens' purveyor of all that's sweet, sentimental, and passionate - will be dashing impetuously through Aries and your house of love affairs. You'll just love it. Your Top Dating Tip: Make the very most of it all, from the temptation to the attention - everything. It's just the way you like it!

(December 23 - January 18)
The most helpful Dating Tip you'll receive in 2006 will arrive via Saturn, your very own planet, who advises you to follow-through with your partners in a big way. Saturn is the "Ring-Bearer" himself, the bringer of all things stable, solid, and lasting. He's spent the past seven months in your house of intimate matters, straightening out joint financial affairs you'd been worried sick over and leveling out deep relationship issues. The good news is that he'll stay snuggled up in this private place for the rest of the year, continuing his work by making sure that all promises made - every last one of them - will be kept.

(January 19 - February 17)
With Neptune in your house of personality for several years, your urge to take care of "underlings" of all kinds has been turned up on high. You like being known as a friend of the underdog. In fact, the deeper in trouble and the more they need you, the better. Your views about them are usually plastered all over your car, too. You're the reigning royalty of bumper-stickers. Your Top Dating Tip for the year, however, is this: It's fine to lend a couch to your college buddy who needs a place to crash, or help out at the soup kitchen; but ask yourself do u just wnt to help her or u love her/him

(February 18 - March 19)
Will 2006 provide you with romance, dear Pisces? Well, for starters, your own planet, Neptune, the most magical, mystical energy of all, is currently functioning at her most potent. That means you can quite literally lure anyone or anything your way with little or no effort. Add in a series of Eclipses (all magical on their own merits) and several planets who'll spend a lot longer than usual tiptoeing delicately through your famously psychic sign, and there's only one Top Dating Tip for the fanciful Fish: Be very, very careful what you wish for, because if you even think about it twice, there's absolutely no doubt that you'll get it.

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