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March 28, 2020, 06:00:16 PM
Funfani.com - Spreading Fun All Over!INTERACTIVE ZONEGeneral Discussion/ Chit ChatBrutal murder of 12 Indians in Britain (Whts your reaction)
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Author Topic: Brutal murder of 12 Indians in Britain (Whts your reaction)  (Read 2686 times)
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« on: June 08, 2006, 11:13:20 PM »

     You   must  be    angry   and   enraged  to   read    above
  head line.  If  you    have   your  way  then  you  will  declare
 war   on   Britain.

        Well  no    such  killings  of  Indians  occured   in  Britain. I   purposely    used  that   byline.
  All   Indians    were   killed   in    India  itself  in  Jharkhand
  by   terrorists    loyal  to   China  .  This   incidence   occured
  in   sinhbhume   district  (  Police  Station  Manoharpur  area).
   All   Indians    were   killed   by   landmines   planted    by
   Maoist   communists  (  organised    under    various   titles
  such   as  MCC  , PLF  or  PLA    people's  liberation   front
  or    people's   liberation    army )   ,  People's   War  group
  and   many   other    groups.

          Question    is    why   Press   ignoring   such   routine
  killings    and   massacres  ?  True   answer   is   Press    is
  not  impartial   and  nearly   all  journlists   belong    to
   same   Marxist, Maoist  ,Leninist    ideology  .  Thats    the
  main    reason   that   news   of   such   massacres   is  dumped   on   8th  or  14th   page   in  one   small    column
.      Imagine     some   Indians    being   killed   in  USA   or
  UK    for  no   fault............    Can    you    imagine     the
        Even    now    when    some   Sardarji   protests   against
     compulsory     Helmet   wearing   it   is    given   front
   page   News   with   added   racial    tones.

           Press    since     last   5   days   has   published  nothing
   but   alleged   Cocaine  consumption   by  Rahul  Mahajan.....
    One    is    surely   sick   of    reading    or   hearing   it......
   Publishing    such   event   in    eight   columns   on   front
   page   is    politically   correct   because    he   belonged  to
  the    family  of  late    Pramod  Mahajan........  Does   this
  event     deserve    news   on   whole   of   front    page  ?

               Daughter  of   former   CM  of   Chattisgarh  Ajit  Jogi,   commited   suicide   . Daughter   of  Natwar
  Singh  commited    suicide   while    daughter  in  law   of  the
  same   person   Natwarsingh    was   also   found    dead  in
  mysterious    circumstances   .  ( Police   claimed   it   was
  suicide   while   there   were   numerous   murder   theories
  as    well     because    Natwarsingh    family    never  accepted
  her   daughter in law  as   she   belonged  to  an  average
  family. )     Reaction    of    press   was   that   these   were
   family   tragedies    which    should    not  be  politicised  .
  What    about    rahul   mahajan    case..........

       Meanwhile   in   days   to   come   many   more   thousands
 of   Indians    will   be   killed    in   jharkhand ,Bihar ,Chattisgarh  .  Andhra  ,Karnataka    and  these    will   be     ignored   as    usual.

              What   I   want   to   say   is   that    Press     is
   supposed   to    be   an    impartial    and   unbiased   .
  Press   is   supposed   to  be   the   most  important  pillar
  of    Democracy.   However    as   we   are  seeing    press
  is  neither   impartial   nor   unbiased  .  Press    mostly
   is    running    propaganda   compaigns   of   some   kind  or
  another  .Public   opinion   is   created   by   press  .Unless
   we   have   impartial   press    concept   of   freedom   and
   democracy   is   only   a  mirage.

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« Reply #1 on: April 09, 2011, 10:10:24 PM »

lesson: ]veryone must be careful enough in every action they will take....[/b][/b]
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its me shasha....i  really like this site....i learned a lot....and it always make me think and realize.....about a lot of things....
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